Our Process

Our Process

We design and build beautiful, distinctive websites that customers can update and maintain themselves. Training is included with every site. Clients learn to quickly and easily edit text, images, audio, video, and more. No programming knowledge is required.

What features are available?

Standard website features include:Sample Yes Exactly Website Page

  • web-to-email forms
  • mailing list signup
  • e-commerce and online donation buttons *
  • analytics tracking
  • online calendar
  • photo galleries
  • video playback
  • audio playback
  • blog or news section
  • social media integration
  • search engine optimization
  • automatic backup

In addition, all websites include domain email forwarding for one or more email addresses (your_address@your_domain.com) at no additional charge.

* E-commerce and online donation transactions are hosted by third-party service providers.

Is a Yes Exactly website right for me?

Our websites are designed for small business owners, artists, artisans, authors, journalists, activists, nonprofit organizations and anyone else who needs a high-quality, custom website with extremely rapid turnaround. In our sites and our training process, the emphasis is on the content. We want to give you the tools to let your own work shine.

Yes Exactly websites do NOT contain Flash animation, custom web applications, or custom database integration. While large organizations may find our system useful as a prototyping tool, our streamlined decision-making process is best suited for clients where a single individual or small team is directly responsible for web and marketing decisions.

The last website project I was involved in took 18 months! How is this possible?

Most commercial websites are still produced using the old advertising agency model, where the incentive is to generate as many billable hours as possible. This works well if your client is a large corporation with deep pockets, but it is simply overkill for most independent businesses.

Whether you are just starting out or revamping a legacy site, we believe that investing in your web presence is one of the smartest decisions you can make in a challenging economy. We know you are a busy professional, wearing many hats. That’s why we work hard to keep the web production process fast, easy, and fun.

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