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Zappen Announces Valley Beer Trail as First Customer

Yes Exactly is pleased to announce that Northampton Radio Group (WRSI, WHMP and Hits 94.3) will be using our Zappen augmented reality and social media aggregation technology as the backbone of the new Valley Beer Trail custom app.

The app helps beer drinkers in the Pioneer Valley find the perfect beer and more, with an interactive map and up-to-date listings of events, tastings, and festivals at venues across the region. Whether you want to know what’s happening every week at your favorite neighborhood pub, or tour breweries across the region, the Valley Beer Trail app is a must-have for the beer enthusiast.

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Yes Exactly Declares International Women’s Day As Paid Holiday

Yes, this is us. I hope I am not the only business owner making this decision for myself and my employees on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

But if we are, I’ll take the credit, or the blame. I had to put some thought into it, to be honest. Our core team is small, and the financial outlay is real. Still, I feel that it’s worth it. Last year on this same day, I shared my thoughts on feminism on a different blog. This year I wanted to look past ideological labels. We as an organization want to express our deep gratitude for the contributions of every woman, paid or unpaid, in every country and culture. 

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