Introducing Lotus Petal Architecture

By Tess Gadwa, CEO, Yes Exactly

Lotus Petal Architecture is a trends-based algorithm for allocating rewards based on data generated and analyzed by the system being measured. It presents an alternative to traditional blockchain mining but is not bound to a specific protocol. Here it is explored together with Attention Based Currency’s Proof-of-Play, in which listeners process transactions in exchange for access to streaming music. Petal architecture vectorizes available data, mapping data points that fall within system-defined parameters to a predefined curve. The intersection of points on isomorphic curves generates rewards (payouts) for a subset of participating nodes.

Lotus Petal Architecture

This distribution of chart position relative to song play is represented visually as a quadratic Bézier curve (the “Lotus Petal”).

How does this work?

  • Listeners choose music from a pool of songs, streamed by 4 or more hosts.
  • Hosts may stream all songs in the pool, or only a subset.
  • All plays count toward the same song trend, regardless of which host streams the song.
  • Play is tracked cumulatively; a trend may level off but will never dip down.

When a Lotus Petal Event occurs, one listener and three hosts receive an ABC payout. Winning songs are published to the system and enter a new chart space with a higher level of difficulty. Many Lotus Petal events may occur each day.

Simply put, Lotus Petal Architecture is a way to reward “trend spotters” who notice other creative work with the potential to become popular, before it becomes popular. To learn more, please download the Lotus Petal Architecture  one-sheet, or email me to request the full Attention Based Currency white paper.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Visual Search Goes Open Source with Zappen

Hi. Today we are making available to everyone a technology that until now has only been in the hands of a few large companies: visual search.

Zappen Visual SearchThe way it works is simple. Scan a logo, a business card, or a sign and connect to the website of your choice. Use it for billboards. Use it for art galleries. Use it for protest signs and organizing in public spaces. We’re not telling you what to do with it. We’re just putting it out there. Fully functional. You can download the app and upload images and links directly to our website, or you can download the source code and build your own app.

Read press release.

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New Site Launch: Center for New Americans

Yes Exactly is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the Center for New Americans, a local non-profit that provides support, education and resources for immigrant, refugee, and migrant communities of Western MA. We were tasked with revamping their Weebly website as a fully hosted Drupal site build, to integrate with a new CiviCRM customer management system.

Center for New Americans