By Tess Gadwa, CEO, Yes Exactly

Lotus Petal Architecture is a trends-based algorithm for allocating rewards based on data generated and analyzed by the system being measured. It presents an alternative to traditional blockchain mining but is not bound to a specific protocol. Here it is explored together with Attention Based Currency’s Proof-of-Play, in which listeners process transactions in exchange for access to streaming music. Petal architecture vectorizes available data, mapping data points that fall within system-defined parameters to a predefined curve. The intersection of points on isomorphic curves generates rewards (payouts) for a subset of participating nodes.

Lotus Petal Architecture

This distribution of chart position relative to song play is represented visually as a quadratic Bézier curve (the “Lotus Petal”).

How does this work?

  • Listeners choose music from a pool of songs, streamed by 4 or more hosts.
  • Hosts may stream all songs in the pool, or only a subset.
  • All plays count toward the same song trend, regardless of which host streams the song.
  • Play is tracked cumulatively; a trend may level off but will never dip down.

When a Lotus Petal Event occurs, one listener and three hosts receive an ABC payout. Winning songs are published to the system and enter a new chart space with a higher level of difficulty. Many Lotus Petal events may occur each day.

Simply put, Lotus Petal Architecture is a way to reward “trend spotters” who notice other creative work with the potential to become popular, before it becomes popular. To learn more, please download the Lotus Petal Architecture  one-sheet, or email me to request the full Attention Based Currency white paper.