Happy New Year from Yes Exactly


Well, I have to say, 2016 wasn’t actually such a bad year for us.  We launched our new website in December. We obtained seed funding to build Zappen, an augmented reality app that can read signs and logos from any mobile phone. We went to Seoul, Korea
to present on the integration of Universal Basic Income with Attention Based Cryptocurrency. And we continue to find new ways to fulfill our mission of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to become economically competitive in tech spaces.

Meanwhile our nation and our world are hurtling in a direction that is troubling, to say the least. I am not just talking about the recent election. I am talking about the massive economic disparities in the United States, particularly between rural and urban America. Parts of this country are undergoing something close to a silent Great Depression. For me the most ominous moment of Fall 2016 was nothing that happened in politics. It was having two different qualified job candidates–college graduates with strong skills–call up our office and offer to work for free, just so they could get a leg up in a dauntingly competitive job market.

The quote on this card references Sleater-Kinney’s classic post-Riot Grrrl anthem, “Number One Must Have.” The lyrics address a number of issues that seem all too familiar to our time: commercialization, consumer debt, and sexual violence. But what the song proposes at its end is truly revolutionary.

Don’t just fight. Don’t just get angry. Instead, build something better.

Culture is what we make it
yes it is
now is the time
to invent 
Now more than ever, five years after we first opened our doors, now is still the time to invent. Happy 2017, everyone! Thank you to all our clients, partners, and colleagues who have made this year and the last half decade possible. And Happy Birthday today to Yes Exactly lead developer Erik Amlee!
Tess Gadwa
CEO, Yes Exactly