Now Is the Time to Invent.

Happy New Year from Yes Exactly


Well, I have to say, 2016 wasn’t actually such a bad year for us.  We launched our new website in December. We obtained seed funding to build Zappen, an augmented reality app that can read signs and logos from any mobile phone. We went to Seoul, Korea to present on the integration of Universal Basic Income with Attention Based Cryptocurrency. And we continue to find new ways to fulfill our mission of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to become economically competitive in tech spaces.

Who Are You Calling Creative?

Tess Gadwa
CEO, Yes Exactly

I started Yes Exactly six years ago. Before that, I thought of myself as an artist and a writer who just happened to make websites on the side. What I realized over time was that the process of collaborating with people with a vision and a dream—entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and many others—to build something new was one of the most rewarding and creative endeavors imaginable. As we head toward 2017, I am reminded of the many amazing people we’ve had the privilege to work with, and I am eager to see where our work takes us next.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, Digital Collage by artist Noel Nunez. Copyright 2016.


WRSI Cares for Kids Toy Drive 2016

Yes Exactly supports WRSI The River’s Cares for Kids holiday campaign by providing a website where local donors can easily sign up to buy toys and gifts for children in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. We are pleased to be able to work with the radio station to help kids in need during this holiday season.

Cares for kids

Be a Zebra

By Tess Gadwa, Yes Exactly Founder & CEO

Download encryption software, even if you never actually use it.

Camouflage is the best defense, should the government turn predatory.

In the past few days I’ve talked to a lot of people who are casting about, looking for one simple action they can take.

Here is one thing you can do in less than two minutes. It’s not a symbol. It’s very real. It doesn’t cost any money. And it might actually save lives.

Even if you never use an encryption app, the simple act of downloading it right now and asking others to do the same keeps activists and whistleblowers safe.

Why? Read more

Announcing New Clients

Yes Exactly is proud to announce our newest Drupal and WordPress website clients:

Stop It Now of Deerfield, MA

Stop It Now

Apple 3.0, Philip Elmer deWitt’s technology blog

Apple 3.0

Whether our clients are looking for e-commerce, help with Drupal and WordPress site maintenance and upgrades, or new perspective on marketing and branding, Yes Exactly is pleased to be able to offer a professional standard of support and web development to clients in the Pioneer Valley.

Newest Client: GCTV

We are pleased to announce Greenfield Community Television as our newest client!

Zappen Launches at Green River Festival!

Zappen celebrated its official Android app launch at the Pioneer Valley’s Green River Fest, which drew thousands of concertgoers from Massachusetts and beyond.

Intern Dominique at the Zappen Booth

Intern Dominique at the Zappen Booth

"Zappen Bros" Josh and Justin

“Zappen Bros” Josh and Justin


The Winterpills Greet Fans at the Zappen Booth

New site for Flywheel Arts Collective

Yes Exactly was pleased to help build and launch the new website for non-profit performance space Flywheel Arts Collective in Easthampton, MA! We provided pro bono assistance to collective members in developing the design and content, handling the initial site installation and custom WordPress coding solutions.

Zappen App Now Available for Download

Zappen Feed Screenshot

Zappen is a new mobile app that helps you follow your favorite bands, artists, and local businesses with your camera phone. The app instantly recognizes logos and signs, making it easy for customers to “bookmark reality” and connect online and on social media. Never forget the name of a restaurant or band again!


Zappen will officially launch on Friday, July 8 at the Green River Festival in Western Massachusetts. Stop by our booth for a demo and a ticket for free Bart’s ice cream!

Visit Google Play to download the Zappen app for Android.
Get it on Google Play

Just Launched: Western Region Homeland Security Interactive Resource Map

Yes Exactly was tasked to create a online interactive map for the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council that shows the various locations of equipment throughout the four counties of Western Massachusetts. This online map provides quick information regarding WRHSAC purchased equipment, including a brief description of the equipment, equipment location, and contact information to borrow the equipment. You can filter displayed equipment by location or by equipment type. It was developed as a custom plugin for their WordPress web site, and utilizes Google Maps to provide location and map display.wrhsacmap

Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (WRHSAC)

Attention Based Currency and Universal Basic Income

We are pleased to announce that Yes Exactly Founder Tess Gadwa and Attention Based Currency Chief Scientist Scott Little, Ph.D. have been selected to present their paper on Attention Based Currency (ABC) and Universal Basic Income (UBI) at the 16th annual BIEN Congress, defining a new model for application of the attention-based cryptocurrency to this specific problem set.

Attention Based Currency (ABC) is a cryptocurrency generated by the interaction of Internet users with streaming media. Listening records are secure and encrypted, but the algorithm rewards listeners who seek out and share new content as “early adopters.” ABC is a market-based approach that can be used independently or in tandem with more traditional government-funded or philanthropic UBI programs.

The conference will take place from July 7-9 in Seoul, South Korea. See you in Seoul!

Happy Holidays from Yes Exactly!


Keep Watching the Skies.

This has been a good year for Yes Exactly. We’ve moved into larger and more technically demanding projects, including app and systems development for public sector clients, professional service firms, and an early-stage venture-backed startup. We’re especially proud of the work we did for Musica Franklin, a nonprofit that fights poverty through music education, and WRSI’s The River Cares For Kids.

But in all honesty, that’s only part of the story.

We have been able to pursue big and ambitious goals: blockchain technology for the music industry, as well as a new social media tool aimed at enhancing customer relationships for small businesses, media, musicians, artists, and nonprofits. The opportunities are daunting but exhilarating.

I started Yes Exactly five years ago with a simple goal: provide simple and beautiful custom designed websites to clients at an affordable price. Since then, we’ve launched 80+ sites, and remain committed to building more. We are still looking for ways to better serve our original customers even as we venture into new terrain.

We will be sharing more details about our newest initiative over the next few weeks. We are excited about 2016, and we hope you are too.

Best wishes for a safe, relaxing, and joyful holiday!

Tess Gadwa
Yes Exactly CEO and Founder

Launched Today! Moses Dixon For State Representative

A message from Moses: “If your upbringing guides who you become and what you do in life, my own background has done just that. Growing up in the household of faith leaders and being the son of a janitor and housekeeper, I value community service and hard work.”

Moses Dixon Screen
Moses Dixon