Visual Search Goes Open Source with Zappen

Hi. Today we are making available to everyone a technology that until now has only been in the hands of a few large companies: visual search.

Zappen Visual SearchThe way it works is simple. Scan a logo, a business card, or a sign and connect to the website of your choice. Use it for billboards. Use it for art galleries. Use it for protest signs and organizing in public spaces. We’re not telling you what to do with it. We’re just putting it out there. Fully functional. You can download the app and upload images and links directly to our website, or you can download the source code and build your own app.

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New Site Launch: Center for New Americans

Yes Exactly is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the Center for New Americans, a local non-profit that provides support, education and resources for immigrant, refugee, and migrant communities of Western MA. We were tasked with revamping their Weebly website as a fully hosted Drupal site build, to integrate with a new CiviCRM customer management system.

Center for New Americans

New Site Launch: Alma Care Services

Yes Exactly has created a new WordPress website for Alma Care Services, an assisted-living provider which serves elders and adults with disabilities throughout Western Massachusetts. Working with their in-house designer, we were able to build and host an attractive mobile-friendly website that highlights their service offerings. 

Alma Care Services

New Client Announced – The Road to Adventure

We at Yes Exactly are excited to announce our new website client, The Road to Adventure:

Are you interested in exploring America, our National Parks, learning about local artisans, foods, and goods, guidance in making lifestyle changes, travel-planning and tips, taking better travel photos, how to work outside a cubicle, or learning about the RV lifestyle? Then this is the place for you. The Road To Adventure is an adventure and photography blog. It’s about creator Kate Mullen’s personal experiences and tips providing inspiration for you to dare to take the road less traveled. It is her hope to foster a community of adventure, stewardship, growth, and service.

New Client Announced – Alma Care Services

Yes Exactly is pleased to announced Alma Care Services as one of our new website clients this April.

Alma’s mission is to maintain the individual’s dignity and quality of life through independent living.
Alma Care Services was created with the goal of helping our clients remain independent and safe in an environment where they feel most comfortable — their own home.

New Client Announced – Center For New Americans


Yes Exactly is pleased to announce Center for New Americans as a new website client this month:

Center for New Americans (CNA) is a community-based, non-profit adult education center that provides the underserved immigrant, refugee and migrant communities of Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley with education and resources to learn English, become involved community members and obtain tools necessary to maintain economic independence and stability.

Zappen Announces Valley Beer Trail as First Customer

Yes Exactly is pleased to announce that Northampton Radio Group (WRSI, WHMP and Hits 94.3) will be using our Zappen augmented reality and social media aggregation technology as the backbone of the new Valley Beer Trail custom app.

The app helps beer drinkers in the Pioneer Valley find the perfect beer and more, with an interactive map and up-to-date listings of events, tastings, and festivals at venues across the region. Whether you want to know what’s happening every week at your favorite neighborhood pub, or tour breweries across the region, the Valley Beer Trail app is a must-have for the beer enthusiast.


Yes Exactly Declares International Women’s Day As Paid Holiday

Yes, this is us. I hope I am not the only business owner making this decision for myself and my employees on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

But if we are, I’ll take the credit, or the blame. I had to put some thought into it, to be honest. Our core team is small, and the financial outlay is real. Still, I feel that it’s worth it. Last year on this same day, I shared my thoughts on feminism on a different blog. This year I wanted to look past ideological labels. We as an organization want to express our deep gratitude for the contributions of every woman, paid or unpaid, in every country and culture. 


Who Are You Calling Creative?

Tess Gadwa
CEO, Yes Exactly

I started Yes Exactly six years ago. Before that, I thought of myself as an artist and a writer who just happened to make websites on the side. What I realized over time was that the process of collaborating with people with a vision and a dream—entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and many others—to build something new was one of the most rewarding and creative endeavors imaginable. As we head toward 2017, I am reminded of the many amazing people we’ve had the privilege to work with, and I am eager to see where our work takes us next.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, Digital Collage by artist Noel Nunez. Copyright 2016.


WRSI Cares for Kids Toy Drive 2016

Yes Exactly supports WRSI The River’s Cares for Kids holiday campaign by providing a website where local donors can easily sign up to buy toys and gifts for children in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. We are pleased to be able to work with the radio station to help kids in need during this holiday season.

Cares for kids

Be a Zebra

By Tess Gadwa, Yes Exactly Founder & CEO

Download encryption software, even if you never actually use it.

Camouflage is the best defense, should the government turn predatory.

In the past few days I’ve talked to a lot of people who are casting about, looking for one simple action they can take.

Here is one thing you can do in less than two minutes. It’s not a symbol. It’s very real. It doesn’t cost any money. And it might actually save lives.

Even if you never use an encryption app, the simple act of downloading it right now and asking others to do the same keeps activists and whistleblowers safe.

Why? Read more

Announcing New Clients

Yes Exactly is proud to announce our newest Drupal and WordPress website clients:

Stop It Now of Deerfield, MA

Stop It Now

Apple 3.0, Philip Elmer deWitt’s technology blog

Apple 3.0

Whether our clients are looking for e-commerce, help with Drupal and WordPress site maintenance and upgrades, or new perspective on marketing and branding, Yes Exactly is pleased to be able to offer a professional standard of support and web development to clients in the Pioneer Valley.

Newest Client: GCTV

We are pleased to announce Greenfield Community Television as our newest client!